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Job Announcement: Summer Camp America, Camp Counselor

Job Announcement: Summer Camp America, Camp Counselor

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American Councils for International Education in Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for enthusiastic, dynamic individuals to work as a Camp Counselor this July and August with Summer Camp America.

Summer Camp America will provide children from in and around Isfana, Kyrgyzstan with an American-style summer camp experience. At this week-long summer day camp, children will enjoy trying new activities – learning English, playing baseball, singing songs, etc. – in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and fun.

As Camp Counselor, your primary responsibility will be to work full time for two weeks (July 27 to August 10) to support Summer Camp America in Isfana by leading one group of 13 to 14 local campers aged 9-14. A more detailed list of responsibilities is provided below.


  • Review and assimilate provided online camp training materials by indicated deadlines and attend a pre-camp training session with Camp Director and/or Assistant Director
  • Assist in obtaining or transporting camp materials to the camp site, as required
  • During camp hours (9AM – 4PM), lead a group of 13 to 14 campers in camp activities.
  • Attend morning and evening meetings to review the camp curriculum on a daily basis.
  • Teach outlined camp curriculum including classes in Drama, Art, Baseball, English and other activities
  • Assist in preparation of campsite for daily activities. Counselors will be assigned daily chores to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the campsite
  • Model behavior in accordance with Summer Camp America values (gender equality, interactive learning, enthusiastic participation)
  • Maintain appropriate and respectful attitude and dress in accordance with the values of the rural region where camps are held
  • Fulfill other tasks as assigned by the Director and Assistant Director of the camp


  • Be a recent high school graduate or an enrolled university student
  • Have a strong knowledge of English
  • Be an alumnus of a U.S. Government program (Access, FLEX, UGRAD, etc.)
  • Have a positive and flexible attitude
  • Be willing to live in difficult camp conditions for two weeks in the summer

To apply for this position, please submit a completed counselor application form (below), resume and cover letter describing your background and qualifications by email to by June 19. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Apply by Monday 19 June 2017


Counselor Application Form

Please answer all the questions below.  This application must be submitted by email (along with resume and cover letter describing your background and qualifications) to by June 19.


Full Name:

Date of Birth (DD, MM, YYYY):

Place of Study or Work:

Contact Information (street address, city, telephone number, e-mail, skype IM):

  1. Alumni status:
    • If you are an alumnus of the FLEX/UGRAD program, please provide year of participation, US host city, and US state.
    • If you are an alumnus of another U.S. Government program, please provide the name of the program and your year of participation.
  1. What dates are you available to work in July/August?
  1. What do you do in your free time?
  1. Describe what experience you have interacting with children, including teaching, playing with your nieces/nephews, etc. What are your favorite activities do you do with children?
  1. Describe what experience you have living in difficult conditions on a campsite or outdoors? What was the hardest element of it?
  1. Do you or have you played any sports before? If yes, describe what do you like about it the most?
  1. Explain what you think is the most important quality for a counselor to have and why.
  1. As a counselor, you will be in charge of a group of around 14 kids. How do you have fun with a group like this while keeping them under control?
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