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Apply now for FLEX Pre-Departure Orientation Teacher positions!

American Councils in Kyrgyz Republic is announcing FLEX Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) Teacher and Teacher Assistant positions. The purpose of PDO is to prepare FLEX program participants from Kyrgyzstan for a one year secondary school exchange experience in the US. FLEX PDO Teacher positions are open for American citizens. Please download…

#ThankYouFLEX – FLEX Program Appreciation Day

The FLEX exchange program changes lives! In honor of FLEX Appreciation Day, FLEX alumni from Kyrgyzstan would like to say “Thank you!” to the U.S. Department of State and to the Host Families that supported them in their exchange year in the US! #ThankyouFLEX  

FLEX Program Testing Dates

Get excited!  FLEX Testing dates are here! The recruiting team will be coming to a test center near you! Below you will find the exact dates, times and locations where testing will take place. Область Дата Время Место проведения тестирования Ыссыккульская область 25 сентября 9:00 ШГ №1, г.Каракол 25 сентября  9:00 СШ №4…


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